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Case Study
We have over a million hours of combined project experience in software development and project management. We are experts who stay with our customers for long term- a partner who understands their pains and needs. Here is a partial list of some of the projects that we have executed for our very satisfied customers.We have over a million hours of combined project experience in software development and project management.
Our ASP/.Net/VB/C# Case Studies
Huge IM application for a large Wall Street brokerage company. The main scope was to create an IM application, which would use AIM (AOL SDK) network.
This is a project for a major pharmaceutical customer. The goal of this project was to develop a tool to automate visit routing and selection of the clients their sales representative visit.
Huge user-friendly and database-driven web site where visitors will find all kinds of information related to wealth creation.
Software developed for computer based quiz system both PC based and online versions.
Software developed provide the customer with a cost-effective online web-based implementation of a credit report retrieval service. The software integrated Credit Plus and Cred Co (First American) APIs with the online credit retrieval system based on MISMO XML standards.
Open System Case Studies
Ruby on rails case studies
This product has been developed for Fortune 500 companies to control the advertisement budget through a built-in benchmarking process by analyzing industry specific data for each market segment across the globe. RightSpend allows users (the purchase department of a large company) to choose and prioritize the assets which they want to include in their scope of work and provides benchmark costs for each asset.
Liquid Spins is leading the evolution of the digital music age. More than just an innovative music download service; this website offers its users the magic of the hottest chart-toppers or classic favorites or magnificent olds.
This is an extremely complex project. Open Range Access provides turnkey solutions for remote access and control of remote wellheads for the oil and gas industry - to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve quality of life.
Can be a team playing a sport, a music class, a computer class, a youth group that meets once a week, parent teaching one child, warehouse employee teaching a group of employees how to use a fork lift, a Sunday School class, etc.
AES is a Fortune 500 company and this is going to deploy 120 MW of battery-based Energy Storage Systems. These projects will be mostly distributed across the US, while some might be developed overseas. In order to monitor, analyze and manage, forecast and report the performance of the units, AES Energy Storage will implement an Operations Support System(OSS).This system covers the entire data life cycle, including data acquisition, storage, archival, visualization, analysis, event management and reporting.
The site is dedicated to Tennis Players. Players can register themselves They can invite other players to join this site and can fix a match with other players to play. They can also search for the tennis courts in their area. They can also see the records of a current or previous match or a league/tournament.
This is a flagship product of the company. It's a very complex saas development project that is integrated with Google apps and Sencha touch anytime, anywhere touch screen mobile apps on Apple and Google Android touch screen devices.
This is a very complex web application that stores, shares and displays DICOM /assets. This is also another saas application that uses a sub domain for every registered clinic.
This is an extremely complex Software as a service (saas) product .This is an innovative solutions for businesses seeking to control their accounts receivables and cash flow.
This web application is used to work with financial services providers,Community Banks and Credit Unions located across the country(US) to provide customers with the best products(certificate of deposit (CD)) and best rates.
This is a website for San Francisco Bay radiology Association. Membership section redirects to membership details page where all the article related to membership are listed
The goal of this project is to help a group of clinics to perform their online activities like patient's order entry, reports, assignments of particular physicians etc.
Our PHP Case studies
This is website where all users can follow senators and Congressman in their committees, subcommittees, and current bills etc. They will be able to vote questions and see poll results instantly.
This is an extremely complicated project. Main functionality of this project is advanced search. Through keyword searching user can get their desired results regarding storeowners & address, store product, store promotion details.