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Our Methodology
The foundation of our success is our development methodology. Our methodology begins with the use of project management tools to develop the project plan and schedule. Our development team uses a structured development approach based on the Microsoft Solutions Framework model. Modular development is key to our success. We look to develop applications that use the three-tier programming model.
Circar Consulting has developed programming guidelines and naming conventions that lead to an organized and efficient development process. These standards also facilitate the documentation of the development and simplify future maintenance efforts. Well-documented code also allows us to produce re-usable components that offer time and cost savings for future development. Our development standards include guidelines for source code archiving and documentation of modifications to ensure that we have a reliable method of tracking the development process.
Database applications require proper planning to produce a high performance application. At Circar Consulting database projects are first designed using data modeling tools to create an efficient database that meets the application's performance requirements. The data models we produce serve as tool to discuss and revise database designs with our clients. Once sign off is obtained, these data models become part of the system documentation, eliminating the need for additional documentation costs.
We recognize that our development methodology plays a significant role in the quality and efficiency of our development work. As Circar Consulting continues to grow, we are constantly refining and enhancing our processes to make our development projects more efficient and maintain a high level of quality. At Circar Consulting we've developed a process for planning, developing and implementing a solution to your business problems in software and on the Web. Our process includes several steps towards a final product and keeping our clients aware of every step to ensure success.
Needs Analysis
It is important that we clearly understand the needs of an organization as we develop an application development plan. It is this up-front effort that enables us to have the greatest impact on reducing development cost and meeting deadlines. By developing a solid understanding of the problem, we can design an effective application without costly modifications and delays later in the development process.
Application Architecture
The application architecture is a critical element of the development process. A carefully architected application will maximize performance and provide the ability to scale the application to support future growth.
Our engineers are dedicated to building quality applications. Coding and documentation standards help achieve this and provide an application framework that reduces the maintenance costs of an application.
Circar Consulting offers specialized web hosting that ensures the deployment of your web applications will be successful. Our staff monitors and tunes web servers, database servers and the application architecture to maintain a high level of availability and performance.