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Technology and your business need change at a faster speed than one could imagine. Enhancements to your existing business applications depend on the technologies that support your applications. Many times you need to migrate to new platforms/technologies in order to eliminate the limitations in the technologies that support your existing applications.
As your IT partner, we take the responsibility to assess the criticality and complexity involved with the migration of your software applications. We carefully examine your business requirements and the need for your migration to new platforms/technologies, keeping in mind the time and budget constraints. Then we evaluate the various options in order to provide the best solution for seamless migration to new platforms/technologies. Our proven methodology helps you to migrate your software applications to the latest GUI, databases, or data servers and then port it to meet the demand of newer platforms and technology. We adopt programming strategies that meet the challenges of rapidly evolving technologies.
We offer the following migration services
  • Migration of software to specific platform or OS (Operating System)
  • Migration between programming languages
  • Migration between runtime platforms and application servers
  • Data Management
We help you get the .net edge
.NET is a set of software technologies based on web services. Web services let applications share data, and more powerfully invoke capabilities from other applications without regard to how those applications were built, what operating system or platform they run on, and what devices are used to access them. Web services enable architectures in which loosely coupled services can collaborate to perform particular tasks.
We will help you migrate to .NET so that your applications not only connect to each other, but also with the larger applications over the Internet. Proper implementation of .NET technologies significantly increase operating profits and decrease costs.
We are specialized in
  • Developing user interfaces in ASP.NET that meet your requirements and integrate seamlessly with solution back end
  • Designing and implementing Web services
  • Developing databases in SQL Server
  • Working in many .NET languages including C#, ADO.NET, VB.NET
  • Developing .NET applications using "Infragistic" tools such as NetAdvantage┬« for .NET
  • Delivering the Windows Installer (MSI) deployment of enterprise systems
Net Advantage® for .NET is a registered trademark of Infragistic Corporation;