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Open source Computing
"Open source software is an idea whose time has finally come. For twenty years it has been building momentum in the technical cultures that built the Internet and the World Wide Web. Now it's breaking out into the commercial world, and that's changing all the rules. Are you ready?" Open Source Initiative (OSI)
Many companies are now considering open source technology as an option to proprietary software. According to a latest survey, cost is the second most important thing on buyers' minds when they purchase open source tools. The main reason to use open source is greater control over software code.
Flexibility is the Buzz word in an open source computing environment. Open source provides absolute powers to the consumers not to big name software vendors who fill their licenses with clauses that both deny anyone else the right to deal with their software bugs, and deny the right of the purchaser to expect problems to be fixed.
The benefits are enormous and most importantly it's free. In an Open Source environment
  • The software comes with rights to modify
  • You have the source code and you have the flexibility to modify the way you want
  • If the software doesn't inter-work with another package then all the information to resolve it is available
  • Unlike a licensed software supplied by a big software firm who refuses to tell you how to integrate with its competitor's product, you can build interface to any product since you have the source code
Our Open source service
We specialize in Ruby on Rails programming. Ruby is a simple and powerful object-oriented programming language, created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in Japan. Ruby is a modern object-oriented language, combining elements of Smalltalk, Scheme, and Perl in a simple yet powerful syntax.
Ruby on Rails is a breakthrough in lowering the barriers of entry to programming. Powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks or months to develop can be produced in a matter of days.
Tim O'Reilly,
Founder of O'Reilly Media
Ruby on Rails can be used for ecommerce, for file hosting, for asset management, for group chat, for sharing audio files and host of many other applications Like Perl. Ruby is good at text processing. Like Smalltalk, everything in Ruby is an object, and Ruby has blocks, iterators, meta-classes and other important features. You can use Ruby to write servers, to experiment with prototypes, and for everyday programming tasks. As a fully integrated object-oriented language, Ruby scales well.
The followings are important Ruby features
  • Simple syntax
  • Basic OO features (classes, methods, objects, and so on.)
  • Special OO features (Mix-ins, singleton methods, renaming.)
  • Operator overloading
  • Exception handling
  • Iterators and closures
  • Garbage collection
  • Dynamic loading (depending on the architecture)
  • High transportability (runs on various Unices, Windows, DOS, OSX, OS/2, Amiga, and so on)
Please visit our case studies page to see the Ruby on Rails projects we have executed.