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Client: RocketFi
The client is one of the independent credit reporting companies in the US. They offer clients online web-based credit reporting system, which provides credit reporting services like merged, triple merged bureau reports. They fetch reports for borrowers which are sponsored by lenders.
Project Objective
To provide the company with a cost-effective online web-based implementation of a credit report retrieval service.
To integrate Credit Plus and Cred Co (First American) APIs with the proposed online credit retrieval system based on MISMO XML standards.
Our Solutions
We defined the requirements with the client, understood the 3rd party tools and APIs requirements of Credit Plus and Cred Co (First American) and developed Online Credit Report Retrieval System based on MISMO XML standard, which includes the following functionality:
  • Register a Borrower/Co Borrower
  • Initiate Credit Request
  • Place the Request to any of the two Credit Bureaus:
    • >> Credit Plus or
    • >>Cred Co (First American)
  • Parse Credit Response
  • Extract Embedded Report
  • Encrypt/Decrypt Response and Report
  • Store Relevant Information in Database
Platform used
  • Frameworks: ASP/.NET
  • Language: VB.NET / XML/ Java Script
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Others: AJAX
  • Tools: Credit Plus and Cred Co (First American) APIs