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Client: Tiptagtell
Project Objective
To develop a Social Networking site for shopping
This is an extremely complicated project. Main functionality of this project is advanced search. Through keyword searching user can get their desired results regarding storeowners & address, store product, store promotion details.
Our Solutions
We have developed advanced search features of the main functionality of this project. The code we have written first parses the xml data by calling Yahoo API. Next task is to show the shop address in Google map. A member can post any blog, can communicate with other members through pmb, and can invite to join his/her inner circle. Only the authorized member can add any store product and promote their products. While posting any review for a particular store user can cast his/her vote serve in these three (service, price, quality) sections. Search results will be displayed in highest rating/most visited wise.
Platform used
  • Language: PHP / XML/ Java Script
  • Database: MySQL
  • Others: AJAX
  • Tools: MS Excel, Google maps, Yahoo API