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Client: The National Mind
Project Objective
To develop a website where all users can follow senators and Congressman in their committees, subcommittees, and current bills etc. They will be able to vote questions and see poll results instantly.
This is a huge online application for political awareness, voting systems, user voting verification through Aristotle nationwide voter registration file that has information over 175 million registered voters. All the results of the poll are required to be displayed in various types of graphs and charts.
Our Solutions
We have extensively studied not only the functional requirements but also the user interface requirements so that we could build a system that is very easy to use. The difficult part was to integrate Aristotle API that would dynamically verify a voter registration.
We built a very robust system and successfully integrated Aristotle API. When a user registers with the site, it gives the option to verify his/her voter registration status. The Aristotle API dynamically checks its database and returns with the information about the user's voter registration status.
Users also can map with their representatives. This means when signing in, Users' information shows them who are their representatives (means their senators and Congressman of their constituency) and the users can have quick views on these respective senators and Congressman Profile page.
Users profile pages have an archive links that take them to a short summary page of overall vote averaged out for each of their representative. The end result will make out a suggestion on how they will vote for each representative in the next election. All votes made in the past that are negative will show up below suggestion graph to remind users what issues or bills were not agreed on.
The site shows how many registered users in any one district (constituency) at anytime.
The site also aggregates all of its statistics to show users many different graphs and statistics such as percentage of users and who voted today of all users.
Poll questions can be changed globally or individually as well as having more than just one question.
We have developed a back end admin panel that has many complex features such as setting up the profile page of both the users and representatives, setting up the poll pages, setting up poll for different sections of the site, setting up categories and questions for the poll. Reporting and displaying the poll results on various pages in the form of graphs, charts etc.
Platform used
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails
  • Web Server: Mongrel
  • Database: MYSQL
  • O.S : Windows XP