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Client: To develop software for computer based quiz system
Project Objective
To develop software for computer based quiz system.
The software needed to be developed for both PC based and online versions.  When that software is used in a network, a path is required to set from the screen. From database Path section one can set the server path of his/her local area network.
Our Solutions
We carefully studied the requirements and came up with a plan to develop the software for PC, local area and online versions. We have conducted usability analysis, developed, integrated and tested the following features.
  • Login Screen: Log in info and new user sign up option is present here.
  • Create Profile Screen: Using this screen a user can entry/edit their profile.
  • Main Screen: Four Image links are present here with appropriate tool & tips.
  • Category Screen: Here a user can set categories of the questions.
  • Question Entry / Edit Screen: Here a user can set questions under a question set.
  • Grade Entry / Edit Screen: Here an administrator can create/edit Grade entry / edit screen.
  • Photo Book Screen: Here a user can see Photo Book and also can select question set of that photo member.
  • Create Admin Screen: It is only for admin persons where they can create another admin personnel.
  • User Grade History Screen: Here users can see their previous exam scores.
  • Search Screen: Here users can search question(s) which will be with different category.
  • Question Answer Screen: Here users can answer a question set with quiz pattern (Timed on without Timings)
  • Photo Book Entry / Edit Screen: Here users can set a new Photo Book, they can also entry/modify questions in a set of that photo member.
Platform used
  • Frameworks: ASP/.NET
  • Language: VB.NET / XML/ Java Script, C#
  • Database: MSSQL
  • Others: AJAX