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Client: Liquid Spins
Liquid Spins is leading the evolution of the digital music age. More than just an innovative music download service; this website offers its users the magic of the hottest chart-toppers, classic favorites and magnificent olds. This creation can hook up the listeners around the world with the music they love.
Technical Consideration
This website has been created with the following considerations
  • A huge database for this website which can give more than 10 million songs and growing option to the users.
  • Users can download any song using their smart phones and with the help of the QR code.
  • Any user can get different types of songs from all the leading distributors such as Sony, UMG, Warner Brothers, and Curb etc. on one site which is known as liquidspins.com.
Enhanced Quality
The Enhanced quality in the technology is known as LiquidClix. A LiquidClix code is the gateway to all of users' favorite artists and their songs, past and present. Whenever one can see this, it means that music is just one simple click away! This cutting-edge technology, combined with an easy-to-use interface, separates this site from the other popular download websites. Plus, it's not necessary to move or rearrange user's current digital music library or player.
Our Effort for this Magic
  • Our extremely talented Ruby On rails Developers have done an awesome work on this application.
  • Different Music distributers store their Music Albums in a particular server from where our job was to collect all of them.
  • After that our developers update all those Albums in the main website via Raking Process.
  • And then comes the most challenging part which is to maintain this huge database. Till now our creative developers are maintaining this database with great efforts.
  • Also, our developers designed and developed the extremely complex architecture of the site.
  • Our developers have written complex code to restrict piracy through this website completely. Now the large record level prevents free download of music and file swapping to a large extent.
Platform used
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails...
  • Web Server: Apache...
  • Database: Post gre SQL...
  • Application server: Phusion Passenger
  • Hosting Server: AWS EC2
  • Others: Jquery, Ajax, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Site: www.liquidspins.com