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Client: Right Spend

Volume, Variety and Velocity
World's first Saas based Agency Compensation, Assesement Benchmarking and Tracking tool. Developed using MongoDB
This product enables Fortune 500 companies control their advertisement budgets through a built-in benchmarking process by analyzing industry specific data for each market segments across the globe. Launched in early 2013 and the following customers have already signed up. It has been implemented in over sixty countries and still growing.

This product has been developed for Fortune 500 companies to control the advertisement budget through a built-in benchmarking process by analyzing industry specific data for each market segments across the globe. RightSpend allows users (the purchase department of a large company) to choose and prioritize the assets which they want to include in their scope of work and provides benchmark costs for each asset. This allows an agency to match and benchmark his/her scope of work to their agency's compensation. The database includes over 150 unique assets each at three distinct value levels. RightSpend then creates a benchmark staffing plan based on the assets which a user will choose and provide benchmarks for agency employee salaries and experience by title, hours per fulltime equivalent, overhead rates and profit margins for over 60 global markets and for all types of agencies including creative, digital, direct, media, promotions, public relations, and event marketing.
Very complex site architecture with many articles, videos, membership management, payment system etc.
Technical Consideration
This is a Saas product and we have used MongoDB as our database which is a NOSQL database. We have designed and developed the entire database using Mongodb with the following considerations.

Administrative Interface


Replication Security

Priority Adjustment
Enhanced Quality:
The successful completion of this complex project again demonstrated the technical prowess of our Big data developers. We have used Twitter Bootstrap gem which is based on HTML5 and CSS3. This website is completely a triumph of Twitter Bootstrap.

In short, RightSpend is simpler to administer, transparent, online tool  that provides clients the ability to determine fair agency compensation.
Tools Used
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails...
  • Database: MongoDB...
  • Others: Jquery, Ajax, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Web Server: Nginx...
  • Site: www.rightspend.com