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Client: Large wall street brokerage company
Project Objective
This is an IM application for windows operating system. The main scope was to create an IM application, which would use AIM (AOL SDK) network.
This is an extremely complex Instant messaging application that has response rate less than a second and used for stock brokers. That system is required to integrate with AIM 6.0. The system has following features:
IM Client Basic Features:
  • Send/Receive IM
  • Buddy list
    → AIM vs. internal groups in company's database
    → Used for broadcasting as well as for organizing
  • MUST be compatible with the company's logging system.
  • Error handling including AIM errors (i.e. signing on again too soon, rate limiting etc).
  • Broadcast
    → Can add/create groups
    → Can broadcast to groups ? Must use or adapt our code to avoid rate
  • Looks
    → Real-time text parsing in received IMs to search for stock symbols (based on DB lookup)
Our Solutions
We have conducted a detailed study of the existing infrastructure of the company, AIM 6.0 integration requirements, the requirements of the proposed applications and came up with a plan to execute the project in the most efficient way. We have also developed several customized tools to integrate AIM 6.0 with the IM application. We have successfully coded and tested the following features that are at present running on the company's production server.
IM Client Basic Features:
Send/Receive IM
Tabbed windows: Tabs can be moved/alphabetized (drag and drop), tab layout can be saved in profile per user, tabs flash different colors based on user profile preferences, based on groups (db lookup), could be individual users, flashing stops when user highlights tab, windows containing tabs can be split out by group (i.e. one window with multiple tabs for each group) based on user preferences. Tabs can be moved from one window to next, tabs resemble regular aim 6.0 window (including emoticons/buddy /assets, etc), IMs sent will be copied to the windows of another use logged on with the same sn on another computer, text input can be html or text (regular IM controls like font/color etc), the entire system is modular, can add different transports if needed down the road (yahoo, jabber etc), can add modules similar to aim 6.0 to add functionality.
Modules include: Broadcast functionality for groups, look functionality, Buddy list: Groups: AIM vs. internal groups in company's DB, used for broadcasting as well as organizing, user status change=color/icon, can drag and drop buddies to reorganize ? these settings are saved (both internally and on AIM), can view buddy info, can set status including custom away messages, can edit buddy list (i.e. add/remove/move buddies). It is also being compatible with the company's logging system.
Error handling including AIM errors (i.e. signing on again too soon, rate limiting etc). Broadcast: Can add/create groups, can broadcast to groups ? Broadcast messages are added to destination user's tab, it is also able to select users on the fly, safety to add user to whom message shouldn't be sent (if copy/paste is done from an existing IM, that user should never be included), can be activated by highlighting text and right-clicking, can have a hide able blotter of sent broadcasts (i.e. log)
Platform used
  • Frameworks: ASP/.NET
  • Language: VB.NET / XML/ Java Script
  • Database: MS SQL
  • Others: AJAX
  • Tools: AIM 6.0 SDK