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Client: Rainmaker
Project Objective

This is an extremely complex Software as a service (saas) product .This is an innovative solution for businesses seeking to control their accounts receivables and cash flow. The product helps companies make revenue projections more accurate and thus ensures a higher profit margin or reinvestment growth. It is targeted at the small to mid-sized B2B marketplace and offers both software product as well as consulting services.

This is also another Saas application and the database was designed with the following considerations :
  • Multi-Tenancy as enabled by a database extensively mechanism, which enables each Tenant organization to extend the database, independently of the other tenants. This confers great customizability upon this SaaS application.
  • Incorporated workflow facilities which are customizable on a per Tenant basis. The workflow facilities enabled the System Administrators of Tenant companies to alter the behavior of the system to suit the Tenant organization's business processes.
Our Solutions

Using multi tenancy applications, we have developed a very flexible Access Control options that enables the System Administrator of each Tenant company to configure the application to suit the Tenant Organization and the Company.
Platform used