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According to survey, 78% of online buyers abandon their shopping carts. 55% abandon carts before they enter the check out process. Another 32% abandon their carts at the point of sale.
According to Jupiter research, top ten e-commerce sites are EBay, Amazon, MSN shopping, Yahoo! Shopping, Expedia, Dell,, Wal-Mart Stores, Deal Time and Travelocity.
Why these sites are so successful and others are not?
Web design and E-commerce solution significantly determines the success of e-commerce.
An online shop practices its potential for convenenience and time efficiency when it becomes easily familiar. In many studies consumers have indicated that their least favorite sites are those that fail to support a quick and easy shopping experience.
The reasons why shoppers abandon carts vary and include insufficient information, poor navigation, difficult at handling, limited functionalities, confusing buttons or icons, time confusing check out processes, low quality of user interface and more.
Effectiveness plays a central role e-commerce
The domain of e-business application usability is vital to a company's success, its competitive edge and perhaps even its survival.
E-commerce involves both selling and buying and each needs its own platform. Sell-Side platforms cover content, order, catalog management, analytics, interactive selling, legacy integration and commerce syndication.
Only few vendors provide all these complete functions. Administrative tools include product editors, sophisticated color and font editors, inventory control, automated order status updates, product cloning, coupon activation, personalized marketing tracking, affiliate tracking, html promotional email capability, shipping manager, real time statistics and image manger.
A successful e-commerce site manages inventory, track orders and has fully edited storefront. Web based control panels are mandatory for success.
In this e-CRM (Customer Relation Management) context, the design of a web site based on technology acceptance is a crucial determination of whether visitors are likely to accept and return to the site. An effective site design has significant influence on site traffic and the number of transactions users conduct on a web site.
So web site must not be simply designed as easy to use thus decreasing web site usage.
It is designed:
(i) to be stimulating to use and thus
(ii) to evoke compelling user experience to increase profitable web site usage.
The online environment must promote a long-term perspective with a user-retention focus and involvement based on intrinsic and extrinsic motives, leading to valuable behaviors and in turn greater expected web usage.
We provide complete e-commerce solution from designing simple shopping cart to most advance electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) that fits all company sizes and budgets.