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Your applications regardless of size depend chiefly on the data structures of your applications. The program structure, procedural complexity and the quality of your applications depend on the basic foundation of your data design. Our database service offers complete managed solutions for all your database needs
Our database design process begins with the identification & selection of logical representations of data structures. We also identify the program modules that must directly operate logical data structures. We then analyze the algorithm of alternative structures in order to determine the most efficient data structure. Well-designed data can lead to better program structure and modularity.
Migration of Database:
Database Vulnerabilities (The many fronts of the security war) Basic Security Structure
Without a structured security hierarchy any basic security policy will fail! To often system administrators are left to their own accord, managing the security of their systems with little or no oversight by a higher security administrator. Basically database security can be broken down into the following key points of interest.
We develop security guidelines for our customers and work with the system administrators of our customers to ensure that they implement the security guidelines. We also develop methodology to ensure that all system administrators not only follow the security guidelines but also test the latest patches so that they do not cause additional system faults.