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Client: Crossfire
Training Mission

What : Can be a team playing a sport, a music class, a computer class, a youth group that meets once a week, parent teaching one child, warehouse employee teaching a group of employees how to use a fork lift, a Sunday School class, etc.

A good site to view to see a list of groups that can use the Crossfire system is: Groups they list on the TeamSnap site: Alumni Groups, Bands, Book Clubs, Corporate Teams, Fraternities, Scouting, Yodeling Clowns, etc.

A person can use the Crossfire database system to communicate to family members to set-up something like a family reunion. But for our purposes of communication think of a Training Mission as having someone in charge who is teaching participants.

Who: Must have one Coordinator and can only have one Coordinator. Coordinator must be 16 years old. Facilitators assist the Coordinator in the Training Mission. Can have one or more Facilitators, or not any Facilitators. Facilitators must be 14 years old.

The Coordinator and Facilitator(s) will be teaching/leading the participants.

Can have more than one participant, but must have at least one participant. Participant can be any age. A "Discussion Mentor" is a Facilitator for a Training Mission that has been given the responsibility to use the Crossfire Online Discussion System with participants of a Training Mission. Very common for a Discussion Mentor to never meet the participants of a Training Mission; only communicate through the discussion system online.

Where: Training Mission can be online or at a location.

Time: Can be a one hour activity, a season, ongoing with no end date or a specific start and end date.

Why: Training mission allows a coordinator to post progress of participants online so the coordinator can evaluate how successful the teaching is going. Allows a coordinator to communicate to his/her participants online. Allows participants to communicate with each other online. Training Missions allow the coordinator and facilitators to give participants "Assignments". The Facilitators can monitor online the progress with the Assignments of their participants. Assignment progress of participants can continue to be tracked and updated by other facilitators of other training missions because they are online. Successful completion of an assignment will improve the score on a participant's card. A Coordinator can give participants custom assignments for a training mission but the custom assignments cannot be viewed by other Coordinators and do not affect the participants Card scores. Custom assignments are created by a Coordinator because they wish to monitor something that is unique to their Training Mission. Reporting: Coordinator decides if reporting for the Training Mission will be public or private. If the Coordinator is seeking funding from the public he/she will make the reporting public.
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